New Orleans Mission Team

New Orleans Mission Team

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Green Light Crew

Yesterday was the first work day and there was all sorts of jobs to do. I was put in a group that went to an organization called Greenlight. Greenlight go's to peoples houses and then they change their old lights bulbs for more energy efficient ones. As we drove to the people's houses we got to know the people that went with us. It was fun to go to people's houses and hear there stories and to see how our living styles are the same. There were some houses that really stuck out to me one was with a little girl who was seven and she was brave enough to ask my name and before we left she told that she loved me. I was so amazed by this because this little girl who met me for like 10 minutes felt such feelings for someone she just met.It made my day!!!!!!! Another one was This older lady and she had a beautiful home and made us feel welcome.she offered us Drinks and wants us to go back sometime. My day was full of lightbulbs and fun. Not to mention the 2 Dona's. ~Emilie Benoit

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