New Orleans Mission Team

New Orleans Mission Team

Saturday, June 9, 2012

On the way...

I am so excited to see what it is going to be like in New Orleans. We have been driving for about two and a half hours. We took a rest stop after a hour and 20 min. or something!! I am like oh boy this going to be a loooong car ride. In the suv we watched how to train a dragon and who knows what the twelve passenger van has been doing. I have just been imagining all week what the church will be like that we are staying at and how vbs will go! I can't wait to meet the kids and just show love to all of them! It will be so much fun spending so much time with everyone this whole week! I am sure it will be crazy! I'll let you all know all the crazy stories throughout the week. Please continue to pray for our health as we are down there in the heat. By the end I am sure we will all be exhausted, tired, and want to sleep! Lol well as you can tell I am bored in the car so I am impressed if you have read this far. Thanks parents for letting us come. I think we should be in good hands...I hope so. Pastor Jeff only slams on his breaks every 5 minutes and Jill and Cerutti keep chatting on the walkietalkies. Hannah is literally screaming because she found a snake under her seat. Alex Dewane is trying to put hair gel in rachel farnums hair and shaylyn and Maddy are quietly reading. So it isn't that bad in here. Well wish me luck! In Christ, Tia Carr!

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