New Orleans Mission Team

New Orleans Mission Team

Saturday, June 16, 2012

This past week!

Hello everyone! Well...this week has been absolutely fantastic! At least it has been for me :). All week long I was working with the VBS group and it was a truly amazing experience. Those kids probably taught me more than I could have possibly taught them. And with Cerutti's permission (I have to ask real quick...) I'll tell you just one of the amazing stories........She said ok! Just one of the many friends that I made during this past week was a small eight year old girl named Stoney. She was one of the smartest kids that I've ever seen! Spitting out answers to our difficult Bible questions as if we had simply asked her for her favorite color. Besides being incredibly smart, she was also funny, kind, polite, and always striving to do her best. Well, it seemed like there would be no need to keep my guard up around this girl (unlike some of the trouble making boys in her group). Boy was I wrong. On our very last day with the VBS kids we taught them a lesson about how you can trust God no matter what (our theme for the week) using these small balls called Hoverballs. We placed one of these balls into a red solo cup and asked the kids if they thought the Hoverball could get out by itself. This question brought forth shouts of disbelief, which ended up being correct. By itself the Hoverball couldn't leave its red prison. Using this visual aid, we were able to tell the kids about how God can help them in difficult situations. The Hoverball represented the kids as individuals and the red cup was their problems or situations that they couldn't or can't get out of by themselves. By blowing into the cup, I was able to get the Hoverball safely out of its red prison. The kids went nuts! Most of them had a lightbulb moment and totally understood how God can help them even when no one else can. Well back to Stoney, after that display of God's love, the VBS team challenged the kids to show their family, friends, and anybody else their newfound (or renewed) trust in God's power in their lives. While the rest of the kids were exploring with their own personal Hoverball, little Stoney came up to me... "Miss Maddy?" "Yes?" "Can I show my dead kitty in Heaven the Hoverball trick? I want him to see how much I trust God to take care of him in Heaven." Well, I just about lost it right then and there. This little girl showed me just how much of an impact we make on their lives, even though we'd only been with them for less than a week! Stoney is just one of the many kids that made a huge impact on my heart. Thank you all so much for your prayers and thoughts. This was a fantastic experience for all of us. Though I'm sad to leave so soon, I know that there is just as much to do in Aurora as there is in New Orleans. Thank you! --Maddy Wilkin

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